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Item # Description Price
NOTE: All videos 45 - 60 minutes in length.
VIDEO #33 Momma in Heat VHS or DVD: $36.95

Momma is in Heat and nothing in the house is safe! As she tries to do housework all she can think about is shoving something…anything up her cunt! She tries the vacuum cleaner hoses then she fucks herself with the plunger on the toilet. On to the kitchen where she hits the jackpot! All sorts and sizes of jars and bottles and she cums and cums and cums, but is it enough for Momma? No! She’s just getting started! She checks out the store room and finds a…you guessed it! Tennis anyone? She also finds an umbrella, and other miscellaneous things that looks promising and a couple of big baseball bats! Now she’s really getting some of what Momma needs a lot of!  You’ll get a whole lot of what you need too, in “Momma in Heat”!

VIDEO #32 Nympho Nurse VHS or DVD: $36.95

If you’re sick in bed and you’ve hurt your head; who U gonna call? Nympho Nurse!  That’s who! She’ll literally nurse U back to hardy health! She’s an out of control nympho! She can’t keep her hands off her clit or her cunt or off of anything within her reach that she can shove up her cunt! And just look out if you’re in pain! She’ll give you something to take your mind off that boo-boo! She gives you a face full of gigantic milky tits, cunt and ass! She’s all over the poor patient! Is he gonna make it? Does he have a chance? Always, with “Nympho Nurse”!

VIDEO #31 Hottest MILF in Town VHS or DVD: $36.95

I’ve been obsessing about seducing my son’s best friend, 18 year-old Tony! I’m totally out of control; I begin to actually stalk him, following him to a public park. I begin by boldly ravishing him right out in the open, then I succeed in enticing him into some nearby woods where I get my way with him, taking away his innocence and his virginity. In a matter of minutes a boy becomes a man! But this is not enough for my hungry appetite; I drag him back to my house where I continue to corrupt him beyond redemption in my den of iniquity!

VIDEO #30 Lusty Busty Amsterdam Perversion VHS or DVD: $36.95

I’ve cum to Amsterdam for a week and I am soooo horny, I want to have the kinkiest sex imaginable! But after only 5 days of emersion in sex shops, arcades and constant nonstop sex, my husband passes out and I’m left to my own devices. I’m too angry for words! I’ll put on my hottest, sexiest outfit and go out and devour some good-looking unsuspecting male specimen! I’ll get exactly what I need and hunger for sooo desperately! I’ll get a whole lot of too much of what is never enough!!

VIDEO #29 Momma Should Know Better VHS or DVD: $36.95
Momma comes home from a funeral…. does the sadness of the event effect her level of horniness? Not in the least!! She is ready to again take advantage of her young stepson, Jimmy…. but she knows better. (?). With her usual oversexed desires out of control she learns from her son that his close friend, Tony, really has the hots for her huge breasts. Well, that’s all Momma needs to know to drive her nuts…. she has fantasies galore about using her big tits to seduce young Tony. Momma prepares for the event by trying on the tightest, sexiest, and most revealing outfits to make sure she scores royally with Tony. Meanwhile, Jimmy can’t keep his hands off of Momma’s mammoth melons and Momma can barely contain herself from fondling Jimmy while she models for her stepson. Finally, our favorite sex addict, Momma, loses control and eats Jimmy up alive!! MOMMA REALLY SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!
VIDEO #28 Momma On The Prowl VHS or DVD: $36.95

Momma, every teenage boy's favorite M.I.L.F., is at it again... soooo horny that she must do something about it!!  After explaining to the audience her oversexed needs, she goes out cruising in order to pick up some young innocent guy.  It doesn't take long for her to spot her lucky prey...(but, is he really lucky, cause Momma REALLY needs it; she is about to eat him up alive!!!). Once he is enticed into her sex-mobile, Momma graphically demonstrates what he is in for.   After masturbating and squirting all over the street, innocent Tommy becomes hooked in Momma's nasty sexual web.  Before taking him back to her sexual den, she sucks him off in a near-public place.  Once back at home Momma continues her hypersexual advances until Tommy is drained dry.  What does it take to satisfy Momma???

VIDEO #27 My Tits Drive Me Crazy VHS or DVD: $36.95

So let's set the stage. You know the story with Teddi and her always-revealing wardrobe. We should expect to see some combination of a tight sweater, or tight tee shirt, plus a massive big-cupped bra, or a deep, plunging neckline with no bra.  Also you can expect to see her large nipples engorged and erect poking through however many layers of clothing she's wearing. Teddi also prefers tight sheath skirts, and black pumps, and black stockings. She is the real life-walking embodiment of artist Bill Ward's classically drawn, larger-than-life, insatiable beyond your wildest dreams women.  It seems that Teddi has been off on a shopping expedition. She's just returned from the Do-it-Yourself Sex Store where she purchased a whole arsenal of personal appliances. They range in size from small, medium, large, and monstrous. Some of these toys make humming sounds as they vibrate, and some are silent. Teddi treats us to what all big tit lovers want — a whopping pair of bazooms that she will wiggle, waggle, shimmy, and shake before your eyes. Yes, those nipples spike through the sweater and bra. And yes she has given this DVD just the right title. By the way, those big tits drive me crazy too. Three point five is the rating. This is a tit-lover's DVD. There won't be any male hands or appendage in the way of your own personal fantasies as you watch

Complements of JUSTMEMIKE (AlsoOnVideo)

VIDEO #26 Big Breast Obsession #3 VHS or DVD: $36.95

Revenge at last! I have just invited over a guy in my college class who has been very rude to me...and I am about to get even!! Upon his arrival I proceed to try on numerous tight sexy outfits, which really emphasize my huge breasts. I drive him completely nuts…by not allowing him to touch the tits that he constantly stares at in class. The torture continues as he begs and pleads to have access to my giant watermelons as I constantly parade and model outfits that show off my 59 L cup breasts. Will he ever get his way...I don't think so...revenge is sweet!

VIDEO #25 Seduction: Little Girl, Big Tits VHS or DVD: $36.95

I may be a little bit young or slow, but I’m definitely “all there”! Sex with someone other than myself is new to me, but I’m catching on really fast. When my randy neighbor comes over to “check” on me, he may have intentions of taking advantage of me but I quickly turn the tables on him! I let him “talk” me into letting him rub some massage oil on my sunburned back and shoulders and … of course he can’t keep his hands off my ginormous hooters! I especially love what he wants to do to them! They’re “itchy” and he makes them feel really good and kinda funny; I really love it! I take advantage of him completely, “letting” him rub and massage my tits and nipples thoroughly! I let him tease, pull and stretch out my long nipples until I squeal with delight! I can’t get enough and I won’t let him stop even for one minute. This is big breast; big nipple play extravaganza at it’s most erotic!

VIDEO #24 Teddi’s Erotic Fantasy VHS or DVD: $36.95

I really love my tits, my ass, my legs…especially what’s in between…I LOVE SEX! In this video I’m in a very horny mood; I’m enjoying showing off EVERYTHING! It’s all on the menu as I strut and strip for our mutual enjoyment. I tell you all about my carnal desires and what I want you to do to me and what I want to do to YOU. And as I get hornier and hornier I show you just what a lusty, busty insatiable (in heat) bitch I am!  You tit guys and gals are gonna love this one! Also you leg guys (stockings with seams up the back) and ass guys are gonna have a blast! I adore seeing a very puffy bright red juicy cunt and this one has lots of that too!!!

VIDEO #23 Momma Knows Better VHS or DVD: $36.95

Momma is at it, once again! When this gigantic breasted Amazon can’t get what she wants and needs from her latest prey, her young boss, she preys upon poor young stepson, Jimmy! To his extreme chagrin Momma seeks out his expert opinion (as a young man) to try to figure out how to excite her boss but keep him hard and fuck-shuning for as long as Momma needs sex (and that could be days)! Needless to say, as she tries on sexy…”but not too sexy” new outfits, she inadvertently gets Jimmy over-excited as she does herself and the sparks fly! This video is titalating seduction and no-holes-barred action from start to climax(es)!

VIDEO #22 Momma Stole My Date VHS or DVD: $39.95

I’m really young and cute, my breasts are really getting big and I want to explore, have fun and fool around with my dates, But every time I bring a guy home to play with, my mom catches us, sends me to my room and takes my date into her bedroom for a “stern talk, young man”! Then, the guys never ask me out again and if I see them they are driving out of our drive when I’m just getting home from school! Something weird is going on and I’m going to get to the bottom of it! The next time that my mom does this and is having this “stern talk” with one of my dates, I sneak through the sliding door of my moms bedroom, hide under the desk and you’ll never guess the things that I see her doing with Jimmy, my date! It is disgusting, gross, and nasty and…I can’t wait to do those things with my dates too! I am soooo turned on, my cunt is sopping wet! I’m even starting to finger my cunt while I’m hiding under this desk! And now that I know what she’s been doing with my dates and how much they love it, I’ll use every one of her tricks to get my dates back!

VIDEO #21 Teddi Does Paris VHS or DVD: $36.95

After a full day of shopping for sexy clothes and playing with the guys in the porn shops, Teddi returns to the hotel, eager to try out her new dildo. But she forgot to buy batteries. Teddi calls the concièrge and asks that someone bring up some batteries.  Soon a guy appears with a handful of batteries. They chat for a bit, until Teddi discovers the batteries don't work. She asks, "What am I going to do with a dead dildo?"  Well, you don't have to have studied at the Sorbonne to know the answer to that question. Soon Teddi is rutting away on the Frenchy. But the best is yet to come. Teddi says, "Watch this!" and treats the Frenchman and us to a veritable geyser as she gets herself off in a thunderous and drenching orgasm. Et Voilà!

VIDEO #20 The Challenge: Part One VHS or DVD: $49.95

Who has the biggest tits? Who is sexier? Who is nastier? Mistress Rhiannon or Teddi Barrett?  Mistress Rhiannon and I have a contest...We put on the tightest sexiest clothes available as We challenge each other in this competition. One super tit-hugging outfit after another is being shown off in order to out do the Other. To find out the true winner we kidnap Jimmy, the 18-year-old boy next door in order to settle the dispute. In order to influence his decision, the two of Us use Our breasts on Jimmy; forcing him to message and play with Our gigantic melons...he becomes the recipient of some outstanding "huge bosom" action. So, who has the most tremendous watch and judge this “Tittie-competition”!

VIDEO #19 The Challenge: Part Two VHS or DVD: $49.95

The contest gets even nastier. Mistress Rhiannon and I get really desperate...Jimmy winds up with 4 elephantine breasts in his face.... he is completely smothered in "big tit flesh"! He is forced to repeatedly squeeze and suck Our enormous breasts...Jimmy really gets off on sucking and licking and fondling all the tit he can possibly handle...he is immersed in "big breast heaven". Eventually, Mistress Rhiannon and I get it on with one another and feast on each others stupendous breasts...We cannot get enough of each other's huge tits.... lots of super erotic kissing, tonguing and breast play! Can Jimmy ever decide who is the biggest...will you be able to decide?

Special Offer! Both 'Challenge' Videos for one low price! VHS or DVD: $89.95
VIDEO #18 Momma Knows Best VHS or DVD: $36.95
I feel that I should start by a warning and fine print that states that the nature of this video is extremely erotic, seduction is involved and it is hard-core. In this fantasy/video I am an extremely oversexed, wanton woman with gigantic breasts, who thinks of nothing but performing acts of nasty, unnatural sex constantly! I have my sights set on my new young employer and I want to make sure that what I wear for him is pure seduction material. I want it to be so sexy and nasty that he want be able to resist giving me, too much and a whole lot of what I want, which of course is sex, Sex and more SEX! Soooo, I coerce my stepson, Jimmy, into judging my little fashion show and telling me from a mans’ standpoint, which outfit is sexier! I strut back and forth, preen and pose so that he can give me accurate advice! “What do you think, Jimmy, bra or no bra, panties or no panties? I think bare titties with this tight see-through top, don’t you? You can see how huge Momma’s nipples are like this, can’t you, Sweetheart?” And of course, things start to heat up! Especially my cunt and his cock, and before you know it I’ve totally seduced poor Jimmy into doing all those nasty things that I fantasize about doing with and to young guys!  Just as another word of warning, guys, I cannot be held accountable for making it extremely hard on you, (in certain areas) or for a certain amount of “shock factor” in this video and I am not responsibly for over-excitement or over-stimulation to the point of explosion or head combustion!
VIDEO #17 For Teddi's Milk Part One VHS or DVD: $36.95
I have such a dilemma: My breasts have grown to enormous proportions and are so filled with milk that I cannot stand it! My triple K bras and all of my blouses no longer fit (and I am still growing!!). You will even see me burst the buttons of my overly tight blouse. The milk won't stop flowing and its making me soooo incredibly HORNY. I need someone to nurse my giant breasts...I have so much milk to give...please won't someone come to the rescue and nurse and suck my mammoth, engorged with rich milk, breasts. In this first episode I explain my huge problem (my husband just can't nurse my breasts enough) and discuss how I eventually seduce the pool boy, cable man, and the boy next door, into sucking gallons of my luscious milk...and its still not enough...I have got to get relief!!!
VIDEO #16 Trying Out For the Team VHS or DVD: $36.95
Knowing how much I love to play it’s cums as not surprise that I not only want to play on the field with the football team but also in the locker room! But first, I want to play in the coach’s pants. And what coach could deny me what I want, when I show him just how strong, healthy and horny I am! I reveal to the breathless coach, my tackling strategy, smothering him with my gigantic jugs, almost drowning him with jug juice, licking and swallowing his rigid cock, then proceeding to a vise-like pussy grip on his cock until he shoots hot streams of sweet protein supplement for me to suck down! Yep, I’m going to be a very valuable member of the team!
VIDEO #15 Breast Enhancement Gone Wild VHS or DVD: $36.95
As an average C cup girl I am surprised upon awakening that a breast enhancement drug that I have taken has gone really bezerk, causing my C cup size boobs to balloon to gigantic monstrous proportions! I am ecstatic! I jump up and down and run from mirror to mirror gazing at my huge jiggly jugs! I think I must be dreaming as I call my husband to come and look. Then I discover that along with the elephantine size change, another change has occurred as well! My tits are super tinder and sensitive and are full of milk as well! It feels sooooo fabulous when they are touched; it makes me tingle and start to orgasm! I force my hubby (not hard to accomplish) to take the day off from work to massage, suck and play with my new gargantuan sized tits and swollen throbbing nipples! I love the feel of his cock between my jiggly bouncing twin orbs! I swallow his rock hard cock to get it really wet so he can tittie fuck me, then watch me as my submarines flop up and down as I ride his excited cock! I tell my hubby that he will have to quit his fob to take care of my now expanded needs! I order him to never stop fucking me…except for maybe a minute so that I can take another breast enhancement pill!
VIDEO#14 The Oversexed Instructor Part One VHS or DVD: $36.95
One of my great dreams is to mother, smother, and nurse young guys.... and in this video my dream comes true. I am hired by this young man's father to teach him the joys of a woman and how to please her. I really take my time making him appreciate my huge hooters. After viewing my humungous tits in a tight sweater and bra from every angle, he has a chance to explore them to his great delight.... he cannot get enough of them and neither can I!
VIDEO#13 The Oversexed Instructor Part Two VHS or DVD: $36.95
My excited pupil continues to learn how to worship my giant tits and the rest of my sexy body. My talented mouth really gobbles up his young manhood as he learns more advanced lessons. I do not know who enjoyed the instruction the new young student, or me?
VIDEO#12 Catfight: Fantasia & Teddi VHS or DVD: $36.95
Watch the hair fly and melons swing, sway and flop as these two dominant Amazon Goddesses go at it, “tooth and nail”! It’s “no holes barred” as they fight to the bitter end! They rip, tear and jerk each other’s clothes off, then the tension changes as they begin to get so turned on and excited by the others’ spectacular body! The mood of the contact sport changes to full body contact, as the trophy for the contestants is now the ultimate orgasm!
VIDEO#11 Teddi The Boss VHS or DVD: $36.95
I am the boss of a large corporation and I have a huge problem that needs solving: I am extremely oversexed and want to be satisfied constantly only by having very nasty sex. I explain to my analyst how much and how often I need it...and how only very dirty nasty sex will do. I first tell him some very revealing stories, vividly describing some things that I have done that let him understand just how extremely out of control I am and in addition, how I am in the process of interviewing someone to work as my very personal assistant whom I hope to coerce into helping me fulfill my nasty sex desires. I then have my interview with a young, hopefully qualified, guy. At the interview I candidly explain and demonstrate my wild and perverted sexual desires. At first this very innocent guy is overwhelmed by my boldness but then really gets into the action. Guys: if you really want to see some great oral and anal action you will love this video!!! I get so turned on again and again and just cannot stop cuming! Does he get hired? and see Teddi the Boss to find out!!!
VIDEO#10 Teddi Licks Hamburg VHS or DVD: $36.95
This is a nasty Teddi, horny, down and dirty, I want it and I want it now kind of video! I wore almost no make-up except for a little bit of lip-gloss so that the dick didn't get stuck on my lips. Hamburg, Germany, the sex capital of the world, really brought out my truly "naughty" side!! I love walking around the famous Reeperbahn red light district and "eating up" the "sights". You will see me enjoying the porno/sex shops as well as the men who frequent them as I go booth to booth giving some special treats to some lucky guys and getting some in return as well! I even succeeded in sucking off a guy while in the changing room of a clothing store, and finally enticed one of the guys from the "booth" to service me back at the hotel that night. If you want to see me at my nastiest, order Teddi Licks Hamburg!
VIDEO#9 Fun With Teddi & Melonie Charm VHS or DVD: $36.95
It’s wall-to-wall gigantic tits with Melonie Charm. Then fasten your seat belt as things really heat up as Melonie Charm and I cum tit to tit! It’s Boob-to-Boob double trouble! We undress each other down and then oil each other up, slipping and sliding up and down, around and around, even getting into those hard to reach places! Hot totally nude action that will drive you just as crazy as it did us!
VIDEO#8 Teddi’s Big Breast Obsession, Pt. One VHS or DVD: $36.95
Be my “Peeping Tom” as I model for you and show and tell you about my Big Breast Obsession and how it turns me on! Skin tight tops with my nipples jutting out on the tips of my towering tits! Tight crop tops with my colossal cannons flopping out from underneath! You’ll enjoy cleavage from “here to yonder” and beyond!
VIDEO#7 Teddi’s Big Breast Obsession, Pt. Two VHS or DVD: $36.95

I continue to show you just how gigantic my bra is to hold the sheer weight of these monstrous melons! You will “free Willie” as I take off the “over the shoulder boulder holder” and free these jiggling juggies! Again and again, I push, pull and squeeze these “cosmic forces” into tiny, tight tops! My nipples redden and swell, as I get more and more excited! You will too!

VIDEO#6 Teddi's Titalating Surprise VHS or DVD: $36.95

I REALLY love my fans and in this video you will see how much!  I reveal one of my deepest real-life fantasies cum true: Surprising one of my fans at work. I vividly describe the scenario in which I surprise and seduce a favorite fan of mine with my giant breasts.  In this wild story he and I really get into it as he hungrily sucks my breasts as I feed him my milk.  Eventually I have to masturbate using a gigantic dildo to bring myself to a squirting orgasm because I get so excited relating this super sexy tale. This is another video in the super sexy series of “Teddi’s Breast Bedtime Stories”, which only a few of you possess in a custom video! More of these are soon to be released!

VIDEO#5 Naughty Neighbor VHS or DVD: $36.95
In this video I really get a chance to carry out one of my greatest fantasies....which is corrupting a young very innocent guy.  My friend and neighbor confides in me by revealing that she keeps on catching her 18-year old son, Jimmy, masturbating to pictures of big busted women.  Well that’s all I need!  One day when he is alone, I succeed in seducing and corrupting the guy, and before he knows it, I have him squeezing and nursing from my huge milky tits which causes me to go nuts!  During the remainder of the afternoon I teach him how to please a woman...I cum too many times to count! 
VIDEO#4 The Wicked Stepmother VHS or DVD: $36.95
My stepson has misbehaved and its my responsibility to teach him a lesson. The problem is, that my own horniness gets in the way and before long I have him worshiping my gargantuan sized breasts as well as other parts of my body...he really enjoys milking my magnificent mammaries.  I am not able to help myself from taking out his dick and having a feast of my own.  I wonder if all of this will change his naughty behavior?
VIDEO#3 Fun With Aunt Teddi VHS or DVD: $36.95
Aunt Teddi loves to play! Especially games that get her squished into a closet with her cute, innocent? Nephew Tony! I get turned on as Tony is eye to eye with my left nipple, then I wiggle around until I have him smothered between my hungry, quivering mountains. As my milky nipples start to swell and throb, I just have to enlist Tony’s help to cool them down! Of course, this does just the opposite! Who knew? The nipples heat up and so do I! With heat cums hunger and I just want to eat Tony up! I start with his cock! After a while the play gets serious and I demand a jizz shake! Tony cannot resist as I pummel his cock with my tongue and throat. Aunt Teddi is the winner!!! Or, is it a draw?
VIDEO#2 Sexpot For Hire VHS or DVD: $36.95
I need a job really bad and I’m willing to be really bad to get it! I just have to convince the boss that I have unique qualifications. He’ll see that I have great assets that would “do any company proud”!  I show him what a great massage I can give to release that built up stress. And it’s a full body massage that he gets! That’s right, I use my whole body; my hands, titanic tits, tongue, mouth, throat…and pussy! I assure him that I make really great coffee and add “my special cream” squirted directly in streams from my gigantic milky melons! In “Sexpot For Hire”, big tit fans will blast off with lots of tit jutting action!
VIDEO#1 Trick or Treat VHS or DVD: $36.95
I just love seducing young guys...and in this video I get my chance!  One Halloween night a local college guy comes by, trick or treating,  and gets the treat of his life. I first tease him with my huge breasts before I let him have his way (and mine) with my mountains.  You guys will enjoy some fantastic breast and milk play!  Eventually I get so excited that I have to whip out his cock and the treats continue.  After satisfying each other I make him promise to come by every day and drink from my fountains.
VHS: $80
1030 POLAROID $10.00 or 3 for $25.00
1010 MY PANTIES (WORN) $19.95
1000 FAN CLUB US $30.00 Overseas $40.00
1040 CUSTOM VIDEO $350.00 and up
1050 SEX MACHINE Volume One DVD or VHS
1060 SEX MACHINE Volume Two DVD or VHS
1070 SEX MACHINE Volume Three DVD or VHS
1080 SPECIAL all 3 SEX MACHINE Volumes DVD or VHS
1090 COLOR 8 x 10 $10.00

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