Windy Leigh

Born: Pittsburgh, PA Residing: Pittsburgh, PA
: 2 dogs 3 ferrets
: so many things to list - McDonald's McFlurries with M&M's and Hot Fudge, Roller blading and biking, walking my dogs, eating dinner in the back yard on a beautiful summers day, answering fanmail, going to the wave pool to relax.
: When people are ignorant, Fake people, Club managers that are assholes( you know who you are), pasties, g-strings (nothing like dental flossing your ass crack all night).
Favorite cars
: 1965 Mustang -Cherry Red -289 engine -3 speed tranny-black interior, or pick-up trucks
Favorite Music
: At the club-Heavy Metal (Pantera, Marilyn Manson, Metalica) at home and in the car-Jazz ( Natalie Cole, David Sanborn )
Favorite Foods
: Steak and veggies
Dreams and Goals
: To stay alive
Motto in life
: Bigger is Better
Shows I perform
: Cowboy, USA, Spanish Girl,  Clown, Vegas Showgirl, Latex,  Cheerleader, Nurse, Genie, Sailor, 50's Show, Barbie, Race Car Driver, Disco, Zoot Suit and more!

Windy Leigh
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My Breasts:  They are fake, Started off as a 36B and went to 38EE.  I have silicon implants, and I love them.  I named them Jake and Elwood (the Boobs Brothers) by the way Jake is the right and Elwood is the left!