SaRenna Lee

Age: young
Height: tall enough
Weight: you could lift me!
Birthday: 2/17
Measurements: 34H-23-34

SaRenna Lee is my real name! No one ever believes me.  I admit, it is unique and it definitely sounds like a dance name.  But it really is mine!  I just wanted to be me and do what I love.  I've been modeling and dancing since I was old enough to walk.  Choice, I wouldn't call it, destiny maybe!  I love making people feel great, and entertaining is the way I accomplish this. My fans and audience members give me the energy to really perform!

My biggest turn on is when a man talks to me the right way. Of course, that varies depending on the mood.  Turn-offs are ego-maniacs and people who patronize me.  

SaRenna Lee
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