Kimberly Kupps

BORN: Wyckoff, New Jersey
HEIGHT: 5'10"
BACKGROUND: Irish, Scotch, German and Swedish

AMBITIONS: To be the best at whatever I pursue in life and to make it my goal to spread peace and happiness.
TURN-ONS: Broad muscled shoulders, men's cologne, tight butts, sensual light touch massages and bedroom eyes
TURN-OFFS: Bad breath, cocky arrogant men, dishonesty
HOBBIES: Swimming (love Florida), hiking (Love Colorado & California), Sailing (love the French Islands to go NUDE), going to the gym and looking at the guys and girls, bike riding (for my legs), reading (for my mind) and art work (for my soul)
SELF DESCRIPTION: Honest, sincere, caring, very ambitious, fun loving and creative

Kimberly Kupps
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LIKES: Walks along the beaches, starry skies, cuddling up with someone you love, making love by the fireplace, walking naked in the woods, stuffed and real animals, horseback riding, sensual massages with flavored oils, freshly fallen snow, sailing, gardening, dressing in sexy lingerie, shopping at quaint stores, convertibles, nudist vacations, ankle chains on tanned skin and wearing silk dresses with nothing underneath

As a young girl in high school, I worked as a page in the local library while saving for college. I always wore short mini skirts not realizing the attention I was getting.  I loved it then and began teasing and my advancement to a nice but "naughty girl". When I got home from school I would change out of my conservative clothes and in to short shorts and low midriff tops when my father wasn't home. I then realized I was an exhibitionist.  I was brought up in a strict Catholic home with very loving parents in an upper scale neighborhood. I always dreamed of modeling, I went to Dallas and New York but my father was too protective. So I enrolled in an all girl Catholic college for nursing. I would escape and go to parties at the nearby boys college. After years of frustration I decided to try topless dancing and got a job dancing in Houston, Texas. I loved the fancy high class clubs and there were 80 beautiful girls working every night. Playboy came to town and I met the photographers and began working for them as a model. I met Traci Topps in Houston and decided to give feature dancing a try.  My first performance was in Indianapolis, Indiana.  After modeling and many magazine appearances, I wanted to try adult films which my agent set up for me in 1992.  I did a hardcore layout for a European magazine in Palm Springs, CA with Sean Micheals (also my first black guy). He was very hot!  My first hardcore film was with Chessie Moore and a male actor. Chessie was an excellent teacher. Lately I have been making more videos that show my true fantasies. I love being dominated by men and girls!!! My life has been very exciting traveling all over the US and other countries. I hope to meet all of my fans someday in person!