Keisha Evans

Height: 5í8" 
Hair: Blonde 
Eyes: Bright Blue 
B-day: May 14

I really love big breasts, on other girls as well as on myself. Maybe itís the uniqueness of breasts of this size that are such a draw for me. Iíve always had pretty large breasts. When I was in school they were DDs and I enjoyed all of the attention they merited me. Then, through a period of weight gain & subsequent loss, my breasts grew enormously (Iím just lucky enough to gain most of my weight in my chest) and when I lost the weight, they flattened and pancake out and were uneven. I hated it! So after researching breast augmentation for a while, I found a wonderful doctor who said I had enough skin to fit in the 3000cc implants I wanted and here I am now! I was very lucky that with only one augmentation, I reached the size I had wanted at that time. Now I am very happy! I have huge, round soft breasts, which are even. They make wonderful pillows and playthings and I enjoy every minute of it. I love the feel and the look of huge breasts! I know you understand what I mean. 

Keisha Evans
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