Echo Valley

From: Columbia, South Carolina
Waist length blonde hair
Sparkling green eyes

You may have seen her in a Budweiser promotion, on MTV dance videos; in major men's magazines such as: Score, Gent, Naughty Neighbors, or perhaps you have even seen her in a sports telecast. She has also made appearances on the Jenny Jones Show and the Jerry Springer Show. 

She holds the title of Miss Exotic Canada's Hottest Show 1997/98. Echo Valley's shows are a combination of sensuality and wit, humor, flashy original costumes, props and novelty floor shows with a wide range of music interests.   Some of her shows include: Centerfield, Putting on the Ritz, Arabian Nights, Construction Worker, Wild, Wild West, South of the Border, Belle of Dixie, Roaring 20's, Happy Days, Bad Boys, Putting the icing on Echo's cupcakes, Champagne and Ice, Hot Wax, Wet T-shirt shows, Lotions, Shampoo, Paint…and of course ...a campfire Complete with marshmallows (as seen in her promo tape). 

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Echo always has memories available, 8 X 10 photos, Trading Cards, Posters, Polaroid's Lighters, T-shirts, Videos, Keychains, and of course the unique souvenirs given away during many of her shows.

Echo Valley operates her own web-site, fan club and e-mail, as well as a monthly newsletter. If your club needs an attitude adjustment: try "Echo Valley"!