Ashley Evans

38H - 24 - 36
Height: 5'6"
Long, dark brown hair with Blue eyes (Sometimes people say I look like a young Elizabeth Taylor)
STATUS: Single 

LOVES IN MY LIFE: I love my dog, Bishop he is a beautiful 140 lb. Rottweiler. Bishop is my best friend and companion. Nothing better than someone who canít talk back to you, even though he tries. I love life! I live every day of my life as if it were the last. I love the sunrise on the beach, it is so peaceful with the sound of the waves breaking..... no one there but me it is very sedative. Sunsets and the full moon when it is that magnificent orange over the ocean is breathtaking, I could sit there for hours.

My friends I treat with total respect and they do me. True good friends are hard to come by and when you have one or two...... consider yourself very lucky. Every conversation I end with I love you. Because I truly do love them.

Ashley Evans
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I love fine wine, beautiful dinners and the company of a wonderful man. Just us two looking into each others eyes, drinking wine, enjoying a beautiful dinner.... and then of course, the dessert.

DISLIKES: I hate people that arenít realistic, liars, and cheats. I have no place in my life for any of that nonsense. People who deceive others are only deceiving themselves.

CARS: I would love to own a Viper some day, that car is so beautiful and fast! But I would settle for a Mercedes CLK 320 convertible so I could feel the breeze in my hair when I drive along the beach. 

FUN TIMES: I once failed the "Mile High" for those of you who know what that is.... I was laughing so hard bouncing off the walls in the plane. Why are those restrooms so small anyway?